Aluminium 3 Stage Loft Ladder


Top quality 3 section aluminium loft ladder with unique shoot bolt fastening mechanism, pivot arm operation, handrail and sturdy rubber feet for safety and ease of use.

  • Maximum Height: 3m (Floor to Ceiling)

  • Load Capacity: 150kg (23.6 stone)

  • Brand: Youngman

  • Warranty: 1 year


UPVC hatch: Insulated door, draught-sealed, wipe-clean, maintenance-free finish. 

  • Length: 73cm

  • Width: 57cm

Custom hatch: If the measurements above don’t match your hatch aperture, or you just prefer a painted finish, we can custom build a hatch for your specific requirements. Please mention this to our team.

* Custom hatches are £46 extra.

Starting From
Inc VAT.

*Terms and Conditions:

  • This price includes the widening of the hatch hole and installation of hatch and ladders.

  • If any additional work needs to be carried out, for example relocations or cutting ceilings that are made from lath and plaster, this will incur extra charges. Please contact us for more details.

Please take a look at our video demo, it may help You to understand how this ladder, or similar models, would fit in your home >

Bought separately*

3 Stage Youngman Ladder can be supplied and fitted separately from £199

UPVC hatch can be supplied and fitted separately from £199

Custom hatches can be supplied and fitted separately from £249

Custom Hatch

Custom Hatch

UPVC Hatch

UPVC Hatch

*We offer ladder & hatch combination deals because the majority of the time, if you want to have an aluminium loft ladder installed, you will need a hatch as well...

...This is because you need a loft hatch that is hinged and so can swing downwards, like a door hung vertically. A conventional style push out hatch will not work with a loft ladder for two main reasons.

1. The legs of the loft ladder sit out in to the space directly above the hatch. You would normally push the conventional hatch up into this space, now blocked by the ladder legs, making the process cumbersome. 


2. It defeats the purpose of having a loft ladder installed in the first place. You will need a secondary ladder to climb up and push out the conventional hatch. This ladder will then be in the way when you are using your aluminium loft ladder. It is a very impractical method and will not solve the issue of creating easy, safe access into your loft.

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