Deluxe Timber Bi-Folding Loft Ladder


Fakro's premium LWL timber bi-folding loft ladder boasts the same features as the LWK but is also equipped with an additional handrail and a gas piston-assist arm .

  • Maximum Heights: 3.05m

  • Material: Wood

  • Load Capacity: 160kg (25 stone)

  • Brand: Fakro

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Also available in a fire rated version.

The gas piston allows the user to control lower the ladder. At any point whilst unfolding the ladder, if you let go, the ladder will simply freeze mid air. 


Integral, wooden, white finish, wipe-clean door, fully insulated and draught sealed. 

Hatches come in different sizes. We would measure and order the specific ladder that suits your home.


Starting From
Inc VAT.

*Terms and Conditions.
- The starting price is for a new build house with matching hatch dimensions as this means there is little additional work to be carried out. 
- These ladders are specially ordered into our warehouse and there can be a wait time of up to 20 days to get one in.
-  Relocations and ceilings that are made from lath and plaster may incur an extra charge.
- Please contact the office for more information on pricing.

Not the right size? Need a power assisted arm, extra handrail or a fire rated door? We can supply and fit all of Fakro's products. Please see their brochure here, for more options.