Building a Floating Frame and Boarding Out a Loft with 300mm of Insulation in Bearwood

  • Boarding out a loft with 300mm of insulation

  • Building a subframe

  • Building a floating frame

In this new house this family wanted to board out the most useable part of their loft space. We suggested, as it was a new built house with a trussed roof, to concentrate on the area in the centre of the loft with most amount of head height space. Being a new house this loft was fully topped up with just shy of 300mm of insulation. It is important to remember that this must not be squashed down as is can lead to condensation issues. In order to allow the air to flow through the insulation, we build a subframe or a floating frame raised up at 300mm. This cavity allows the insulation to sit without being compressed in its normal position. This job was completed in a 4 bed detached, new built house.

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