Fakro Window Replacement in 1900's Period Barn Conversion Near Stratford-Upon-Avon

Fakro replacement roof windows in a barn conversion 

  • fitting a Fakro roof window
  • 550mm/980mm 
  • Centre pivot natural pine roof window

in a 1900's period barn conversion in Aston Cantlow, Stratford Upon Avon . 

We fitted two replacement Fakro roof windows into an old barn conversion. this was not a very easy task as the old windows were and old discontinued rood window brand with imperial measurements, meant nothing was quiet the right size. This also was not made easy by the small terracotta roof tiles that were extremely fragile and had been cemented in place. This is highly unrecommended. Cementing in roof windows to prevent leakage can actually end up becoming the lead cause of leaking windows. These windows took a lot of time and patients removing the old tiles without breaking them and customising the window size to work correctly with the modern flashing system. However we completed the jobs and the end results was worth he wait. they windows looked like they had always been there wind no damage to the roof.

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