Fitting a Custom Built Wooden Hatch and 3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder in Bourneville

Here is a great example of:

In a 3 bed a 1980's period house.

This job is a good example of extending out the existing loft hatch hole in order to fitting a larger hatch to accommodate a loft ladder. The couple wanted this ladder installed because there boiler was in the loft and from experience they new that there energy supplier will not service there boiler unless there is a fix point loft ladder and loft floor boards leading to the boiler. This is for health and safely reasons. The original hatch was only 65cm/55cm which is a perfectly decent width but not an ideal length. We Custom built and fitted a hatch extending the length to 80cm making there new hatch 80cm/65cm. Perfect for a ladder leaving penalty of room for a person to climb up though with suitcases or tools.

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