Installing a Timber Loft Ladder, Widening Out the Aperture, Patching Ceiling Hole in Coventry

Here is a great example of:

In a 1970's period, 3 bed, semi-detached house.

This job was a classic example of fitting a larger loft ladder into a small space. The original hatch was only 65cm/65cm which is a perfectly decent width but not an ideal length. These guys wanted a large, comfy, easy to use, everyday ladder. So we settled on the LWK from Fakro. This ladder gives you plenty of room to walk up though the hatch with big items. Thanks to the design of its large flat foot steps and sturdy side rail, it makes it very easy to climb whilst holding onto your belongings. On this job we increased the length of the hatch by nearly double but reduced the width slightly. This meant that there was a hole left. In this case we patched the hole in the ceiling with an off cut of plaster board ready for decoration. 

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