Loft Ladder and Custom Built Hatch in Worcester

This job demonstrates how well you can utilise your loft space by simply widening out your loft hatch to gain larger, safer access to your loft for storage:

  • Widening out the loft opening, 
  • Installing a large, custom built loft hatch,
  • Installing a 3 stage loft ladder

In a 1990's, 2 bed bugalow on Cavendish Street, Worcester

This was a straight forward job of removing a cross beam (noggin) to square up the aperture. This was done in order to make the loft hatch wider so I could accommodate a 3 stage loft ladder. It's really important to widen out the hatch to allow yourself plenty of room for you and your belongings to easily fit though the loft opening- safely and securely.

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