Bespoke Hatch and Loft Ladder Fitted in Tamworth, Birmingham

Here is a great example of:

  • fitting a custom hatch in between narrow joists
  • extending hatch aperture to gain better access
  • longer hatch to accommodate ladder
  • fitting a 3 stage aluminium loft ladder 

In a 1980's, 3 bed, semi-detached house on Hornbeam Road, Tamworth, Birmingham.

The owner of this property had a truss roof and did not want to cut out and brace the ceiling timbers. Instead they wanted a custom hatch built to fit in between. Because the joists were only 460mm apart there was not much room to get up though the hatch into the loft with suitcases. For this reason they asked for the hatch to be extended in length to accommodate them and a suitcase when climbing up though the hatch. We built them a custom hatch 460mm/1000mm and dissolved the architrave into the wall in order maximise the available width.

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