Fitting a Extra Large Bi-Folding Wooden Loft Ladder in Bromsgrove

  • Fitting a 70/120cm Fakro LWK timber loft ladder in a two bed terrace on Rock Hill, Bromsgrove, B61

This couple had recently moved in to a terrace house and had a lot of bulky items that needed stowing out of the way. Their existing loft hatch was small and did not have a safe fix point ladder to access the loft.

We offered to enlarge the loft hatch and install an extra large version of Fakro's premium LWK wooden bi-folding loft ladder. This way, they could keep the width of the current opening the same and increase the length without the need for any decorating after the new ladder had been installed.

The new hatch was very large at 70cm/120cm. The fix point ladder (with large flat wooden steps and a handrail) made this the perfect solution to access the loft quickly and safely.

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