Installing a Four Section Bi-Folding Loft Ladder in Hall Green

This job was to install a 4 section wooden loft ladder in a semi-detached house on Cole Bank Road, Hall Green, Birmingham.

There are two main reasons why you might need to install a 4 section bi-folding loft ladder instead of the standard 3 section version.

1. The landing space has restricted room; a 3 section bi-foldong loft ladder needs 160cm of clearance from the back edge of the hatch in order for the ladder to unfold. If this space is smaller, say by an internal wall of balustrade, then the ladder isn't able to be unfolded. The 4 section version only requires 128cm to unfold and so can be the solution to this problem.

2. The hatch external dimensions are restricted: sometimes ladder clearance is not the issue but the hatch dimensions are. It can be the case where the hatch can not be extended to 109cm in length to accommodate the size of a 3 section loft ladder. This may be because of internal walls or pipes. In this case often it is possible to fit the 4 section ladder because it is a slightly more compact ladder assemble. It's hatch external dimensions be slightly smaller in length at 92cm. 

In this case it was the second reason for choosing the 4 section ladder. 

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