Installing a Deluxe Bi-Folding Loft Ladder in Sutton Coldfield

This couple were after a really safe ladder that was easy to use. "We're not getting any younger". Their words not mine! 

However there was an obvious choice for them. Fakro build a fantastic wooden bi-folding loft ladder that is strong and effortless to use. The LWL has the standard extra wide foot steps and sturdy construction. But on this particular model they have added a second hand rail and a gas piston release mechanism. This allows the user to lower the ladder down with ease. The piston acts as a brake. In the unlikely event whereby you let go of the ladder in mid air, the ladder will not fall or hit you. Instead, it stops still and starts to retract. This feature is great for cautious users.

Follow this link to a video demostration video of the LWL in operation: LWL Deluxe Ladder

We installed this ladder so that the couple could access there photography collection easily from their studio.  

The job was done in a detached 1950's, 4 bed house on Grange Lane, Sutton Coldfield, B75.

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